The feeling of safety and security is largely what makes your house your home.  A CCTV system is an easy way to enhance your personal security and the security of your property, your cars and family and a peace of mind for those with animals or vulnerable family members

Whether you are home or away a Hikvision CCTV system has you covered. Allowing you to view your cameras, playback recordings and receive motion notifications when there is movement around your property from anywhere in the world using an easy to use app. 

Our team will install the App or software needed for you and give you a demonstration on its use

CCTV for your home is an affordable security solution to protect your most expensive asset, 24/7, 365 days of the year from unwanted visitors, vandalism and theft.

A staggering percentage of crime in England & Wales is property related. The police have limited resources and time to devote to solving the problem. It is no surprise that more and more property owners are turning to CCTV systems to protect their property

Patchcom provides CCTV System Solutions for retail outlets, offices, warehouses and all commercial operations across the isle of Wight at very competitive prices.


There are many reasons businesses require CCTV for their daily operations and the reasons are growing by the day.  Naturally, prevention of theft will be number one on any business owner’s list, but employee safety and well-being, not to mention an employer’s duty of care, mean that more cameras or perhaps better placed cameras, can only be a good thing.

The protection that comes with CCTV comes in many forms. Not only are businesses looking for safeguarding from theft, vandalism and violence; these same security products can prove useful for catching out scammers, fraudulent activity and 24/7 monitoring of premises and assets enabling a fast response should it be necessary and also saving on having to employ staff to monitor and check premises.

With advanced behavioural analytics,  selected cameras can be programmed with virtual trip lines, intrusion detection areas, object removal detection ,unattended baggage alerts, face and number plate recognition all assisting and increasing the security level of your property. Totally weatherproof they can be mounted indoors and outdoors and are built tough enough to withstand whatever the weather throws at it.

holiday homes

Whether your in the next county or another country, a decent CCTV system will allow you to check in at anytime and monitor your investment and take the worry out of long-distance ownership. 

If your property is empty you can configure your smart phone or tablet to alert you and send a notification if movement is detected thus enabling you to respond immediately to any unwelcome guests


Commercial CCTV Maintenance

Regardless of whether we fitted your CCTV system or not, we can provide preventative maintenance to ensure its smooth and trouble-free operation. Remotely monitoring your CCTV and maintaining the health of your system is key to ensuring that it is always working at its most efficient, remains trouble-free and if a situation arises where the system requires attention, we can provide a fast response minimising downtime.

CCTV System Upgrades

The world of technology moves on rapidly and you may find that your once top of the range system that has served you well is now antiquated and not meeting your current needs. We can carry out an on-site audit and make recommendations to upgrade your system to the latest in CCTV technology.


Yes. We install camera systems across the Isle of Wight

Yes of course. When we carry out a site survey we walk round with the home/business owner and advise on what cameras would be best to install and also discuss where the best location would be to site the cameras so as to provide maximum coverage

Yes. We can carry out monthly maintenance checks to ensure systems are running optimally. Maintenance checks include servicing and cleaning of installed cameras

Yes. We can link the two systems so they can both be viewed and monitored together

Most of our installations are carried out the same week. A definite time and date can be scheduled on the site visit