who is patchcom?

Patchcom is an island based business specialising in the installation of professional CCTV systems across the isle of wight.

Our aim is to provide a service that from conception to completion meets and exceeds our customers expectations.

Our main prority is the complete satifaction of our clients and we strive constantly to provide a level of service that is at the very highest level both in workmanship and customer service.

If your considering having CCTV installed we offer a free site survey and we will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote.

why choose us?

We are an island based company with a friendly and professional team who go above and beyond to deliver outstanding customer service and 100% satisfaction on each and every job we undertake…

Do i need cctv?

CCTV can help to deter criminals from committing crime in and around your property. It can also come in useful if you are away from home or your business and want to monitor activity.

More benefits of installing a CCTV system are shown below…

  • Deterring people from committing offences both inside and outside the home
  • Gathering evidence of criminal activity, should crime occur
  • Providing an image of a caller at the door before it is answered
  • Watching over vehicles parked to the front or side of the home
  • Enabling remote observation of the family home (inside and out) when the occupants are at work or away on holiday
  • Checking to see if deliveries were made
  • Remotely checking to see if employed persons, such as cleaners and builders turned up for work and left at the appropriate times
  • Remotely checking on children or other family members when the householder is out for the evening
  • Checking the grounds of the home from the comfort of the armchair
  • Checking on children’s bedrooms after bedtime
  • Deterring shoplifting and robbery in stores and obtaining evidence to support a prosecution
  • Watching over a till point to spot malpractice
  • Helping a lone shopkeeper to view all areas of the shop
  • Monitoring activity in a car park
  • Maintaining health and safety practices and procedures
  • Observing stock in a warehouse
  • Monitoring warehouse deliveries and dispatches
  • Providing security and safety for staff

What our customers have to say...

Thank you so much! I cant believe the quality of the cameras you installed. I can now view my holiday home from London
Tim Shaw
We needed a system to monitor our animals on our farm during our absence and we are absolutely delighted with the system installed by the guys from Patchcom
Simon Hill
Cant begin to say how impressed i am with the cameras you installed for me. Extremely professional, polite and very tidy!
Gordon Taylor